Are you wondering which Akesi is right for you or your family?

Akesi Bio-Fermented Tonics transform traditional remedies into easily absorbed bio-active nutrients known for their therapeutic and healing abilities. The microbial magic starts with 7 bacterial strains and 1 beneficial yeast inoculating a proprietary blend of papaya leaf and papaya fruit which then ferments for 21 days.

Our Tonics are 100% natural, vegan, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, and bottled with love in amber glass. We have carefully created three potent blends - one tablespoon of any of the below provides 6 billion cfu of 8 carefully selected probiotic strains. We encourage our customers to try Akesi for 3 months to assess its benefits.

Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer is sweet and rich in berry antioxidants, this needs to be diluted in water so is also a great way to re-hydrate. 

Bio-Fermented Papaya Leaf with Pomegranate is a syrupy phytonutrient powerhouse, this can be a simple daily shot or diluted in water for a probiotic refresher.

Bio-Fermented Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper is our spicy anti-inflammatory king. The perfect digestive kick-start shot!

Akesi Probiotic+ Powders are synbiotic powders, meaning they contain necessary prebiotics to feed beneficial bacteria along with a minimum of 10 billion colony forming units of 10 carefully selected diverse probiotic strains. Our Probiotic+ Baby Powder is suitable for all ages from birth with 15% prebiotic support while our delicious Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost has the addition of elderberry for compliance amongst adults and children over 3 years of age.