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Hi, I'm Elizabeth


Dr Elizabeth Biggs trained as a medical doctor and practiced in both the Irish and Australian health systems, she brings to Akesi a western medicine outlook of health and disease prevention coupled with the exposure of living in South East Asia. Like many people Elizabeth and her family have experienced a fairly average profile of modern day chronic illnesses such as eczema, infant constipation, recurrent impetigo, candida infections, migraines and sinusitis. Modern medicine has quite an impressive arsenal at its disposal to manage these conditions, but it is difficult to identify a root cause in each case. Elizabeth like all parents gave her children antibiotics for all those ENT infections, skin infections and odd pathogens that cropped up – particularly in temperate equatorial climates.

On one of the visits to the GP about candida; gut health, the theory of candida overgrowth and the candida diet were put forward as potential theories. This exchange piqued her interest in gut health and the idea that integrative medicine had travelled so far. To seriously consider the role of the human microbiota required a significant shift in outlook, was it possible that this mass of microbes had effects across a wide range of body systems and organs with a role to play in common diseases? This wasn’t what Elizabeth was taught at medical school 20 years ago, but exemplifies why the practice of medicine involves following new research and integrating it prudently with current practice. 

Elizabeth has only recently joined in the largely forgotten art (with some fabulous science) of fermentation, she has also realised that it takes time to ferment - and it is a labour of love - but it is the essence of probiotics. The aesthetically pleasing glass Le Parfait jars have only recently debuted with the first few batches of sauerkraut in Elizabeth’s house. It is difficult to convince her children that smelly cabbage really is good for them, but there is no convincing required when her children ask for Akesi Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer or battle it out over the last teaspoon of Akesi Child Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost. Elizabeth enjoys her daily tablespoon of Akesi Bio-Fermented Papaya Leaf Tonic in a glass of sparkling water once her four children are tucked in to bed!

Elizabeth and Victoria first met in Singapore in 2011 during those demanding yet rewarding days of newborns and toddlers. They shared stories of health woes and together with their complimentary views realised there was a better way to improve the health of themselves and their families. Elizabeth and Victoria collaborated using available evidence emerging from scientific research, they decided that together they would create the Akesi product line to help people make dietary and lifestyle changes for the health of the gut, and in turn the health of the body.

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